Up & Coming Bands who perform in London – All images © Chris Dorney.

39 – ‘Lost In The Riots’, ‘Electric Fusiliers’ and ‘Luxury Stranger’

Lost In The Riots:


“Lost in the Riots are a four-piece post rock outfit fighting their way out of Watford, Hertfordshire. Differing from their hardcore peers that the town has previously spawned, the quartet serve up a guitar-driven assault of quiet-loud dynamics laden with unconventional time signatures and occasional vocalism. Their sound is a schizophrenic mix of heavy riffs to aggressively nod your head to and tear jerking, hopeful crescendos.”

Electric Fusiliers:


“Formed by Ollie, Sheard and Matt as we had run out of bands between us and wanted an outlet for our music. Callum quickly joined and we played a couple of small time gigs. Matt left to pursue other things, Sam O’D joined, cementing the lineup. Spent many hours and days playing COD and cracking jokes, under the guise of ‘Writing and Recording’. Now actually nearly finished writing and recording our first EP, having not had a band COD session in rather long time, due to the trend for practicing at Ruff Rockers. Will have more tracks up imminently, and a few gigs on the horizon, which will hopefully turn into many more gigs following the ‘release’, or more accurately indiscriminate distribution, of the EP. Have a listen, please do contact us with constructive feedback and stuff, love to hear what you think. ”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)

Luxury Stranger:


“Influenced by the sounds of post-punk / new wave from 1978 – 1984. Imagine: Bowie and Pop’s Berlin years mixed with the disparate sound of Joy Division and early Cure with the melodies of Martin L Gore and power of The Chameleons – this is Luxury Stranger.”

(Quote obtained from the band’s official website)


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