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46 – ‘Inner Fire’, ‘Conductors’ and ‘Night & Fog’

Inner Fire:


“Inner Fire formed in late 2007, quickly establishing a fearsome reputation for live performance. Their self-produced demo ‘Let the Flames Begin’ showed enough promise to allow the band access to prestigious London stages such as 93 Feet East, The Fly and The Kingston Peel.

After much hard work, Inner Fire are playing Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2011 alongside, WASP, Motorhead, Exodus and more!

Their debut album ‘New Chapter’ is available now worldwide.

2010/11 has seen Inner Fire perform extensively throughout the South East region. Inner Fire came 4th place overall in the 2010 Kent BandQuest/Metal 2 The Masses Final, and reached the Semi-Final of the same competition in Sussex.

Having already recorded their first album, the band is continuing to write new material. They aim to play to bigger and better crowds, returning British metal to the forefront of the scene. ”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)



“Formed In 2009, And Now Having Regular Plays On BBC Radio 1 Introducing, Art-rocker Radio, And Huw Stephens Radio Cymru Show, Conductors Pave A Golden Path For Their Forthcoming Debut Album ‘Dim Problem’, Which is Released On Death Monkey Records on 25.07.11. Having Already Gained Support Slots With The Heavy, Victorian English Gentleman’s Club And Exit International to name but a few. Conductors Wanna Blow Up Your Fuckin Stereo!”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)

Night & Fog:


“‘Night & Fog is Simon Brennan and Rob Doyle. A year-and-a-half in the making, their new album, The Stakes Have Never Been So Low, is the sound of endless, vacant afternoons spent idling on grey and silent beaches, of dissolution and a craving for transcendence – or for oblivion. Dripping with a dark and wistful romanticism, these 10 tracks combine the squalid grandeur of Why? and Arab Strap, with the spectral, melodic songcraft of Lali Puna. These are polished pearls stained with horror, like the lullabies of a howling pederast in some blackened city.

Night & Fog was born in Dublin and lives in north London.”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)


45 – ‘Hellbound’, ‘Hot Spell’, ‘Mistral Cigale’ and ‘Random Patrols’

With this post, LondonUnsignedMusic now contains over 150 Up & Coming Bands and Artists who have performed in London since December 2010.  Thank you all for looking and watch this space as there is plenty more to come!




“Formed in 2005, Hellbound are made up of four like-minded musicians from Gloucester, United Kingdom.
“Specialising in rib-rattling, heavy as fuck metal”, they took their alcohol fuelled passion for music, their unwillingness to tow the corporate line and bow down to commercial acceptance, their no frills attitude intertwined with heavy, aggressive riffs and drum beats and set about contributing to keeping metal alive.
Following a worldwide distribution/licensing deal with Copro Records/Casket Music and the release of their debut album ‘Din’t Hear No Bell’, which is already being well received, Hellbound are becoming more and more well established in the UK and are beginning to get the recognition they have worked so hard for and are ready to take on the world!”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)

Hot Spell:

Hot Spell’s facebook page here

“A year after dissolving London’s ‘mutant pop’ outfit Shuffle, Seamus Hayes and friends return to the fore with to put you deep under the Hot Spell!!!  Hot Spell have played/been booked for London’s Barfly, New Cross Inn, Cargo and Proud Galleries. We are touring Europe in November and are about to go into the studio.”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)

Mistral Cigale:


(No biography info available on the band’s website)

Random Patrols:


(No biography info available on the band’s website)

44 – ‘Arkestry’, ‘Boy’ and ‘The MoNacles’



“We are Arkestry, a psychedelic five piece from London and thereabouts inspired by the likes of Sun Ra, Spacemen 3, Velvet Underground, FlyLo, J Dilla and Deerhunter”

(Quote obtained from the band’s website)

The MoNacles:


(No biography info available)



“With influences based in Pop sensibilities mixed with the message of Riot Grrl, BOY are an emerging talent causing a stir in the London music scene.

With songs about love and loss and a raw, melodic and hard-hitting sound, BOY place themselves somewhere between the urgency of Arcade Fire and the edge of The Pixies.
Influenced by the androgyny of Bowie, and with an Art House attitude, this music is independent, thought provoking but intensely catchy, still retaining a grip on the mainstream pop they are heavily influenced by.

Planning to release their EP Late 2011, Boy are something exciting, raw and untamed and certainly something not to be missed.”

(Quote obtained from the band’s website)

43 – ‘Paul Bevoir’ and ‘The J-PEGS’

Paul Bevoir:




“Think of all your favorite music from the 60s – be it the intricate harmonies of soft pop Left Banke style, Merseybeat, or the bubblegummy mod sounds of The Monkees, these Londoners have got it all!”

(Quote obtained from the band’s facebook page)