Up & Coming Bands who perform in London – All images © Chris Dorney.

52 – ‘Hellbound Hearts’, ‘The Tarsiers’ and ‘Craig Ingham’

Hellbound Hearts:


“Formed in Early 2011, from mutual desire to make real music matter again, Hellbound Hearts are set to become one of the most compelling, electrifying and passionate bands currently operating in the field of rock ‘n’ roll.

Started by bassist / vocalist Danny Lambert and guitarist Phil Morfitt, songs were already written, plans were hatched and the band began to grow. After a few line up changes seeing the drafting in a mutual friend Sean Bowers, originally on drums, a 3 piece incarnation of the band was up and running. Only after a chance meeting a few weeks later at a gig did Danny realise that Sean had been keeping a secret…. he was infact the best guitar player he had ever heard AND he was jamming with Andy Black, one of the greatest and most solid rock drummers ever to sit behind a kit.

They would not take no for an answer, and Hellbound Hearts was born, losing rhythm guitarist Phil after only a few months and cutting back briefly down to a three piece, before drafting in Jase Brooks on bass guitar to complete the line up.

Drawing on inspiration from the influences of three very different personalities, creating a unique hard rock sound with instant hooks and guitar work soon to be the stuff of legend.

They are now poised to take their blistering live set and anthemic riffs to the masses and remind the world why we all fell in love with rock n roll in the first place.”

The Tarsiers:


Craig Ingham:



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