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62 – ‘Lorena B’ and ‘New Manhattan’

Lorena B:


“Lorena B, a post-dubstep group based in London, UK, already caught the attention of Jarvis Cocker, and respectful bloggers like Cruel Rhythm have favorably compared them to the young electronic producers freshening up the UK scene.

Following the release of their self-produced debut album, they went on a short tour in the UK, and since had their songs played on BBC radio, XFM radio, the BBC Music Video Festival and popular blogs.

They have played the main support for Blonde Redhead and for the Junior Boys, collaborated with international producer BORGORE and other local artists and have been invited to play in showcases in the CMJ Music Marathon in New York and in the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

Their passion for UK’s alternative and electronic music, which they frequently play on DJ sets and their radio show, is also apparent in their upcoming EP, with strong influences from leading producers like James Blake, Hudson Mohawke and SBTRKT.”

(Info obtained from the band’s facebook page here)

New Manhattan:



61 – ‘Von Bartha’, ‘The Red Bullets’ and ‘Atlantic & Lion’

Von Bartha:


“Von Bartha are what The Shadows would have sounded like if they’d been lobbed into a vat of LSD and had PJ Harvey’s pet banshee on vocals instead of Cliff Richard. A pleasing blend of up-tempo rocky jazzy weirdness, they keep you on your toes by never letting you guess what direction they’ll go next. Strangely, even people who profess not to like bands at all seem to love Von Bartha.”

(Info obtained from the band’s facebook page here)

The Red Bullets:


“The Red Bullets were formed in 2007 by Pete Edwards and brother Mark as an outlet for Pete’s songs, many of them co-written with lyricist and close friend, John Bailey. Their music made an instant impact with audiences not only UK wide, but also with those who immediately took the band’s songs to their hearts during tours of Dubai and the French Alps in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

The Edwards brothers were joined during the early years of the bands ascent by Mark Wheeler on bass and Kyle Hall on guitar, who both left the band in May 2010 which marked the start of a re-birth for the band with a change in approach and, of course, personnel. Lyricist and now bass player John Bailey joined, at first, on a temporary basis, and the band were introduced to former Twang guitarist, Stuart Hartland, by producer Gavin Monaghan. Stuart initially recorded some sessions for the band and has since become, along with John Bailey, an ever-more-present member of the group, stamping his unique characteristics on the bands recent work.

A more recent addition to the band has been Ben Weston, a singer songwriter from Northamptonshire. The Red Bullets’ performance at the British Grand Prix to a 7000+ crowd was the first time the band had performed with 5 members, with Ben on acoustic guitar and adding to Mark’s prominent backing vocals. Ben’s ‘high up the fret board’, almost Ukulele sounding flourishes shimmering on top of Stuart’s unforgettable guitar licks and Pete’s unmissable pounding piano style, won instant favour with the Bullets faithful.

The Red Bullets often go out as a three piece, Pete on lead vocals and piano, John on bass and Mark on drums and backing vocals, something which developed from an experiment during a tour of the West Country in 2010. This has become yet another dimension for the band, in addition to the 4 and 5 piece performances and Pete’s solo performances and intimate shows with a string quartet (these are few and far between and well worth looking out for).

The Red Bullets have a strong, loyal following who are the backbone of the band’s existence, and it is this that allows this energetic, fun and committed band of musicians to continue to grow and evolve.

Check out The Red Bullets’ forthcoming dates to find out what all the fuss is about, you won’t regret it… They’ll have you whistling all the way home!”

(Info obtained from the band’s Official website)

Atlantic & Lion:


60 – ‘Thank Pablo’, ‘Ferris’ and ‘Trash Green’

Thank Pablo:


“Based in South London, Thank Pablo make sun-kissed quintessentially English pop songs that have been dragged through the backstreets of Africa, Spain, France and Jamaica.

It is music to make you smile.

Recently featured on XFM, BBC 6Music and Queens Radio Belfast.”

(Info obtained from the band’s facebook page here)



Trash Green:


59 – TINS ON TOAST Launch Party featuring ‘Tribes’ and ‘Dexters’

‘Tins on Toast’ is a brand new Club Night at the Purple Turtle (Camden) on Monday nights featuring the best up and coming bands from across the country and Resident DJs: Steve Harris & Liam Young (XFM), Ed Wilder (Club NME) and Bandangos.

Here are some images from the ‘Tins on Toast’ Launch Party featuring ‘Dexters’ and an exclusive one-off acoustic set by ‘Tribes’ (as a 3-piece), who have been enjoying the success of their new album ‘Baby’.



“Groups of good time boys and girls, musicians and renegades, vampires and vagabonds throughout the country are rooted in the same, unenviable and rudimentary limbo, frantically scheming, delicately lock-picking and audaciously plotting for the next strike for gold. Dexters have the master keys to that lock.”

(Info obtained from Dexter’s facebook page here)




Tribes’ new album ‘Baby’ can be purchased from itunes here


58 – ‘P45’, ‘Deaf Offenders’ and Carol Jack & The Band’



“Formed as a music project two years ago by Jack Kendall (star of ITV’s Bad Lads Army) and friend Neil Reed (guitar) the Mod /Ska /Soul band started life on the Essex and London’s pub / club circuit. There were a few line up changes before talented songwriter Rob Sigston (bass) jumped on board, as well as Joe Green (nephew of legendary guitarist Peter Green) playing sax. Along came drummer Dustin Burgess (veteran of countless ska, punk and tribute bands ) and ‘The Coverup’ were born.

The band have played a number of successful shows, most notably supporting Bruce Foxton’s “From The Jam”, Bad Manners, The Beat, and The Cockney Rejects, It was during this time that Rob (who’s previous efforts enjoyed Radio air play) started to write songs such as ‘Top Floor’ and ‘London Boys City Girls’. A collaboration with Garry Bushell produced the “Ska For Heroes” EP featuring Buster Bloodvessel for Help the Heroes charity.

The band have created a buzz around its original songs and are now playing at some of the famous venues in the capital such as the Dublin Castle in Camden Town. Now owing to advice from the music industry execs they have changed their band name to ‘P45’ – a gritty reflection of modern times in Britain.

Fronted by the ‘larger than life’ Jack Kendall, P45 are a band with a story to tell….”

(Info obtained from the band’s official website)

Deaf Offenders:

“A bunch of rejects from the damned generation of Thatchers Britain making skanky raggae indie punk a bit like Coldplay if they played something completely different. Will play for Beer, Cider, Drugs, Womens Clothes and Blue Badge Parking Permits.”

(quote obtained from the band’s facebook page here)

Carol Jack & The Band:

“I started in school and university choirs, later did lead and backing vocals for songwriter demos, was a member of harmony group Camden Soul, and am now leading my own band singing mostly originals written by my partner Michael J Ellis.

I like the idea of singing songs that people from all backgrounds feel they can relate to. I’ve had people from the audience come up to me after a gig and say: ‘It’s like reading a diary!’ ‘Me and the missus looked at each other and said yeah, we’ve been there’. That’s great, and I hope to have this kind of impact on more people as I go along.”

(Info obtained from Carol’s facebook page here)