Up & Coming Bands who perform in London – All images © Chris Dorney.

67 – ‘The Badje’ and ‘The Approval’

The Badje:


“Since they formed in January 2009, the Brighton ensemble all share one common aspiration: to make music that matters and combines the unique individuality of all four members.

The band has drawn similarities as wide-ranging as The Beatles and The Pretty Things to more current groups such as Kasabian and Gorillaz. Distinctive and harmoniously obscure, they describe their influences as eclectic as ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll, soul music, ’60s pop & psychedelia, film scores & classical!

The Badje released their debut album “Ride Out” in the Summer of 2009…only one month after meeting! Since then they have played numerous gigs in and around the UK. On Friday 3rd June 2011 the bands’ second album, “Taste Music With Your Ear Tongue” was unleashed on the unsuspecting ears of their hometown fans of Brighton, UK. The Badje (supported by an astronomical cast of Brighton’s best performers) hosted a lavish launch party at Brighton’s venue the Green Door Store.”

(Info obtained from the band’s website)

The Approval:



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