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77 – ‘The Naturals’, ‘Juliette & The Sin’, ‘Ballyhoo Eventide’ and ‘Raptusound’

The Naturals:

Artist’s official facebook page here

“The Naturals make guitars sound like bees..”

Juliette & The Sin:

Artist’s official facebook page here

Ballyhoo Eventide:

Artist’s official facebook page here

“Our main reason when coming to writing music was to make people want to dance. So we tried to bring the feel of Dance music into our songs giving it a good strong beat”.

The bands live shows are a energetic spectical of rock and electronica with the band playing multiple instruments.

We have been described as a “3 piece but sound like a 5 piece, this is thanks to our samplers and synths so thank you Korg for your support”

It is clear the band are going to be around for a long time
Keep checking up on the band because they are always up to something.”
(Info obtained from the artist’s official facebook page)



“Raptusound are a breaking new alternative electro rock band from Leicester; four musicians who write, record, produce and perform their own music and who, since making their live debut in October 2011, have rapidly made a name for themselves as a powerful and accomplished live act, creating a passionate and emotive atmosphere with their beautifully written and arranged songs.”

(Info obtained from the band’s official website)