Up & Coming Bands who perform in London – All images © Chris Dorney.

List of Featured Bands

In alphabetical order, the list of bands/artists who have so far been featured on this London Unsigned Music website, along with a link to their blog post:

A Genuine Freakshow (Blog Post 26 here)

Absolute Bowie (Blog Post 01 here)

Aestrid (Blog Post 49 here)

Age of Giants (Blog Post 31 here)

Air Castles (Blog Post 37 here)

Alkmaar (Blog Post 04 here)

Allies (Blog Post 28 here)

Alvin Purple (Blog Post 26 here)

AmberSuit (Blog Post 01 here, Blog Post 24 here and Blog Post 30 here)

Anarcord (Blog Post 53 here)

Arkestry (Blog Post 44 here)

Arms of Atlas (Blog Post 19 here)

Auction For The Promise Club (Blog Post 50 here)

(The) B. Goodes  (Blog Post 22 here)

Baxter Rhodes (Blog Post 02 here)

Beneath The Beach, The Pavement  (Blog Post 08 here)

Big Num (Blog Post 56 here)

Bill Davro (Blog Post 23 here)

Blackfoot Circle (Blog Post 63 here)

BlackWater  (Blog Post 08 here)

Bletchley Park (Blog Post 48 here)

BlueSun (Blog Post 55 here)

Boy (Blog Post 44 here)

Boy Mandeville (Blog Post 27 here)

Brave Yesterday (Blog Post 40 here)

(The) Bright Young People (Blog Post 20 here)

(The) Broken Tea-Set (Blog Post 36 here)

Bungalows (Blog Post 06 here)

Bwani Junction (Blog Post 11 here)

Cairo Son (Blog Post 12 here)

Carol Jack (Blog Post 58 here)

Chaser (Blog Post 34 here)

Club Smith (Blog Post 25 here)

Code500 (Blog Post 63 here)

Codes (Blog Post 37 here)

Conductors (Blog Post 46 here)

(The) Contras (Blog Post 21 here)

CourageHaveCourage (Blog Post 21 here)

Craig Ingham (Blog Post 52 here)

Criminal Brainstorm (Blog Post 54 here)

Culsh (Blog Post 47 here)

Cult With No Name (Blog Post 33 here and INTERVIEW here)

Dakota Beats (Blog Post 22 here)

(The) Dallas Guild (Blog Post 16 here)

(The) Damn Fine Coats (Blog Post 38 here)

Damn Vandals (Blog Post 41 here)

Deaf Offenders (Blog Post 58 here)

DeepSeaGreen (Blog Post 01 here)

Derider (Blog Post 54 here)

Dexters (Blog Post 59 here)

Dirty Ape (Blog Post 02 here)

Dirty Goods (Blog Post 23 here)

DogState (Blog Post 41 here)

(The) Doll Mechanics (Blog post 42 here)

Doyle & The Fourfathers (Blog Post 17 here)

Drafts (Blog Post 11 here)

Dustland (Blog Post 25 here)

Eat Off Your Arms (Blog Post 19 here)

Electric Fusiliers (Blog Post 39 here)

Electric Penguins (Blog Post 31 here)

Eliza Jaye and The Tarts (Blog Post 37 here)

Escapists (Blog Post 23 here)

Evaney (Blog Post 33 here)

Ferris (Blog Post 60 here)

(The) Final Few (Blog Post 10 here)

Fjokra (Blog Post 40 here)

Foley Artist (Blog Post 04 here)

For Abel (Blog Post 22 here)

Fractures (Blog Post 35 here)

(The) Glass Child (Blog Post 01 here)

The Good Suns (Blog Post 37 here)

Gorgeous George (Blog Post 25 here)

(The) Harlots (Blog Post 56 here)

Harry & Alfie (Blog Post 04 here)

Healer/Monster (Blog Post 20 here)

Hellbound (Blog Post 45 here)

Hellbound Hearts (Blog Post 52 here)

(The) Hensons (Blog Post 10 here)

Hey Sholay (Blog Post 23 here)

Hi-Life Wedding (Blog Post 14 here)

Holy Coves (Blog Post 15 here)

Hollywood Tramp (Blog Post 49 here)

Hot Monocles (Blog Post 12 here)

Hot Panda (Blog Post 50 here)

Hot Spell (Blog Post 45 here)

Houdini Dax (Blog Post 40 here)

Hurricane Season (Blog Post 03 here)

I Love Zagreb (Blog Post 08 here)

In Like Flynn (Blog Post 11 here)

Inner Fire (Blog Post 46 here)

(The) Insight (Blog Post 48 here)

Israel Cannan (Blog Post 36 here)

(The) J-PEGS (Blog Post 43 here)

Jacknife Holiday (Blog Post 47 here)

Jakil (Blog Post 08 here)

Jax Walker (Blog Post 34 here)

Jonny Cola and The A-Grades (Blog Post 15 here)

(The) Jons (Blog Post 16 here)

Junkyard Choir (Blog Post 28 here)

(The) K-Shaped Rooms (Blog Post 24 here)

(The) Kabeedies (Blog Post 35 here)

Karl Phillips & The Midnight Ramblers (Blog Post 05 here)

King With No Throne (Blog Post 11 here)

Kitty JunkBrother (Blog Post 17 here)

Krossbreed (Blog Post 48 here)

LeCarla (Blog Post 19 here)

Les Aus (Blog Post 28 here)

Lennox (Blog Post 16 here)

Letters To Fiesta (Blog Post 14 here)

(The) Lightness of Being (Blog Post 30 here)

Lightning Strikes The Empire State (Blog Post 07 here)

Lion Tops (Blog Post 27 here)

Lonely Bird (Blog Post 10 here)

Lorena B (Blog Post 62 here)

(The) Lost Boys (Blog Post 42 here)

Lost In The Riots (Blog Post 39 here)

Lunch (Blog Post 36 here)

Luxury Stranger (Blog Post 39 here)

Matchbox Preston (Blog Post 30 here)

Mavis (Blog Post 05 here)

Measures (Blog Post 51 here)

Medusa (Blog Post 51 here)

(The) Merry Gang (Blog Post 13 here)

(The) Method (Blog Post 14 here)

Miles Away Project (Blog Post 05 here)

Mishima (Blog Post 28 here)

Mistral Cigale (Blog Post 45 here)

MoCara (Blog Post 54 here)

(The) MoNacles (Blog Post 44 here)

Neo Ferns (Blog Post 22 here)

New Manhattan (Blog Post 62 here)

Night & Fog (Blog Post 46 here)

Night Circus (Blog Post 55 here)

Nightworkers (Blog Post 47 here)

OK (Blog Post 26 here)

(The) New Outfit (Blog Post 01 here)

Outakes (Blog Post 07 here)

P45 (Blog Post 58 here)

(The) Palace of Justice (Blog Post 12 here)

Paperface (Blog Post 20 here)

Parking Offence (Blog Post 02 here)

Paul Bevoir (Blog Post 43 here)

Pearl Jammed (Blog Post 01 here)

Pharaohs From The Grave (Blog Post 29 here)

(The) Pulse (Blog Post 02 here)

(The) Quays (Blog Post 07 here)

Radio 9 (Blog Post 26 here)

Rams’ Pocket Radio (Blog Post 31 here)

Random Patrols (Blog Post 45 here)

Random Perception (Blog Post 38 here)

Raquels (Blog Post 27 here)

Raven Beats Crow (Blog Post 16 here)

Ray Edwards (Blog Post 13 here)

(The) Recusants (Blog Post 29 here)

Retraplayer (Blog Post 15 here)

(The) Riptide Movement (Blog Post 41 here)

(The) Rising (Blog Post 55 here)

Ronit (Blog Post 36 here)

Ross Bowditch (Blog Post 51 here)

Rotifer (Blog Post 50 here)

Ruby Surge (Blog Post 49 here)

Safari (Blog Post 27 here)

Sam Batt (Blog Post 42 here)

(The) Savage Nomads (Blog Post 14 here and INTERVIEW here)

Screen Violence (Blog Post 13 here)

Shacklewell Row (Blog Post 53 here)

Shag Nasty (Blog Post 56 here)

Shiva (Blog Post 15 here)

Siriustar (Blog Post 38 here)

Some Skeletons (Blog Post 34 here)

Some Velvet Morning (Blog Post 31 here)

Southern (Blog Post 25 here)

SpyGenius (Blog Post 33 here)

Statuesque (Blog Post 33 here)

Stephen & The Heathens (Blog Post 53 here)

Stone Trigger (Blog Post 55 here)

Tankus The Henge (Blog Post 17 here)

(The) Tarsiers (Blog Post 52 here)

Thank Pablo (Blog Post 60 here)

They Say Jump (Blog Post 10 here)

Tin Pan Gang (Blog Post 20 here)

The Touch (Blog Post 29 here)

Town (Blog Post 35 here)

(The) Transpersonals (Blog Post 21 here)

Trash Green (Blog Post 60 here)

Tribes (Blog Post 59 here)

Twin Brother (Blog Post 09 here)

Twisted Harmony (Blog Post 09 here)

(The) Twisted Hearts (Blog Post 03 here)

Urban Key (Blog Post 05 here)

(The) Usual Pleasures (Blog Post 13 here)

Vetoes (Blog Post 29 here)

(The) Voyeurist (Blog Post 06 here)

Wanderdown (Blog Post 09 here)

(The) Worms (Blog Post 63 here)

Wyndham North (Blog Post 34 here)

10p Short (Blog Post 04 here)

14th (Blog Post 06 here)


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